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The Story so far (2011-2021)

The Sporting Memories Network promotes the use of small group-based reminiscence therapy to help older adults living with dementia and/or depression.

Since 2011, the British-based charity has helped connect thousands of sport lovers, including former professional athletes feeling disconnected or isolated from society. Images, memorabilia and other archival materials are used to stimulating nostalgic conversations and new connections.

Their fully trained facilitators are able to offer a tailored approach to training volunteers and supporting health care professionals working within aged care institutions and community settings.


A Sporting Memories session typically lasts between one and two hours, and include some form of light physical activity/movement.

SM-FANZ: The next chapter (2021-)


On Thursday 14th October, the Sporting Memories Network will be hosting their annual conference, with this year's theme being 'Uniting People through Sport'. The event will not only celebrate the Networks 10th Birthday, but also their expansion beyond the borders of the United Kingdom and into the Land of the Long White Cloud, Aotearoa New Zealand.


As a curtain raiser to the UK's Birthday party, the AUT Centre for Active Ageing will be hosting NOSTALGIA, a free online Sports Trivia Quiz for sports fans of all ages.

NOSTALGIA will kick off at 7.30pm in New Zealand, which is 7.30am in the UK. The Quiz will start at 8pm and feature 8 rounds of 10 question, with a 10 minute half time break scheduled after the 4th round. There will be special guest appearances, spot prizes and an auction featuring sporting memorabilia and experiences. To register, please visit the following link.

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