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The Sporting Memories Network uses the power of sharing unforgettable past experiences and our personal sporting nostalgia to enhance social connections and improve the mental health and well-being of likeminded individuals.

Over 120 Sporting Memories Clubs are currently helping to tackle loneliness, depression and dementia across Scotland, Wales and England. With a little help from our friends within the sport, health and education sector, the Sporting Memories Foundation Aotearoa New Zealand (SM-FANZ) aims to establish a similar social network across a nation packed full of truly unforgettable sporting memories.

On Thursday October the 14th, the Sporting Memories Network teamed up with the AUT Centre for Active Ageing to celebrate their 10th Birthday and the arrival of NZ-FANZ to their family. NOSTALGIA 2021 was a free family-friendly 80 minute online sports trivia quiz. 79 teams competed for prizes and the prestige of being named the 2021 Champion. A 10 day - 10 item fundraising auction was also set up, with signed sporting memorabilia and some memorable experiences up for grabs. Just under $1500 was raised! Please visit our news page for more information.

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